We have an analogy at FYF, that Mother Nature is the Queen of baby loss. On a daily basis she suffers unspeakable trauma worldwide and is forever in a reproductive cycle and locked into a fight to keep on making this big house we all share, safe and long lasting for future generations.

We know from our own personal experience, that losing Tommy or close family and loved ones, is the most debilitating and life changing experience any of us have to go through. Every second of every single day, and for the majority, for reasons only of greed, our planet is mined and scraped and blown to bits. Industrial chimneys bellow plumes of toxic smoke out into the atmosphere. Plastic pours into the sea with a mass 3 times the size of France. A floating landfill of waste.

Yet Mother Nature somehow keeps going. For us all. No bias to the rich or poor. Skin colour doesn’t pigeonhole her approach to what she puts her focus towards, to heal. Every second she strives to make our home, as the head of the house, safe. A place of life. Reproductive regeneration.

Its with the planet in mind, that we have chosen specifically to deliver care outdoors, surrounded by what’s good and green, within nature. There are things that nature does, that we can not explain, fully. But what we do know, is it creates a reaction of awe. It widens the eye, exploits our nose and ears. Fungal phytoncides emit from trees and literally produce ‘fresh air’. Not once will nature ask anything of you, she lets you simply be.

We try to encourage individuals who reach out for support, to sign up for a one to one retreat. A way to escape the noise of day to day life and have peace to process the grief. Atop the expansive Waun, 1400ft above sea level, we invite individuals to stay under canvas and go back to basics. We aim to do our very best in helping to nurture and provide mechanisms that will help aleviate some of the weight. We then continute to liaise for a course of online remote counselling sessions, which should further better equip individuals in finding their own way in coping with their grief.

We also run group day retreats, which is where we all share and speak openly of our experience. Less clinically driven, the aim here, is to promote mindful well being therapy and practices.

If you or someone close to you, have experienced a miscarriage or baby loss, and you feel the retreat would be of benefit to your own, or their grieving journey, please, don’t hesitate to reach out.
We are here for you.